Sunday, October 30, 2011

Fill this bad boy up!!

I made a braided handle hobo bag this afternoon!  This bag is completely customizable with different trims, fabrics and either a braided or non-braided shoulder strap. The bag itself is fully lined with "scrunch" trim on the shoulder strap that can be scrunched up or pulled longer (however you want).  A velcro or magnetic snap closure can be added, depending on your preference. I will be making a variation of this in a cross-body bag.  This bag will sell for $20.00 (provided your choice of fabric is not overly expensive, i.e. leather, etc.)  I hope you like it!  Any constructive criticism is appreciated.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Unfinished project...

Please excuse the bad picture taken with my cell phone...but I am loving these and they are completely customizable with any word or name.  This one could be finished already, but I plan on taking it a step further this weekend.  Well, I haven't had the time to finish this up the way I would like.  I was going to add coloring into the areas that are "swirled" and "circled".  Maybe I will try it with a different project.  If you are interested in the wire worded necklace I will be selling these (customized to whatever word you would like and whatever type of necklace you would like i.e. leather, ribbon, beaded) for $16.  Obviously the colored versions will be a different price. 

Feel free to contact me at

New addiction!

OMG!!  Finally started poking around Pinterest and love it!!! My own virtual idea/bulletin board!!  I'm hooked! 

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

So many projects....

So many little time!  I have way too many projects in the works and can't seem to ever reach that satisfaction of completion!  I have Christmas projects, special order projects, website projects, sewing projects, wire and beading projects, resin projects, "trial and error" projects...projects projects everywhere! 

I think I am starting to not like the word "projects"!